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August 9, 2019

Why I Ride with Waymo: The Gillespie Family

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Editor’s Note: In this “Why I Ride with Waymo” post, Waymo One riders Tres and Amani give us the low-down on what it’s like riding in our self-driving cars. Some of their favorite things include having more time to enjoy quality time together and being able to avoid the hassle of finding parking when they are out and about.

Tell us a bit about yourselves.
Hi, I am Tres, and I live in Mesa. This is my daughter Amani, who is nine, almost ten (and I’m not nine, almost ten!).

What was your first ride with Waymo like and when did it start to feel like a normal part of your daily life?
Amani: My first ride was pretty fun. It was kind of weird having my dad sit next to me, but it felt pretty normal because I usually ride in the backseat. 

Tres: I rode in it a few times before riding with Amani. Once I felt it was safe after a few times, we went for a ride. 

Do you give feedback after your rides?
Tres: Yup, we try to give feedback after every ride. We figure the more feedback we give, the better-off the software will be going forward.

What do you think the potential is for self-driving cars?
Tres: For our own lives, it frees us up so we can have more daddy-daughter time. Or if we are going to go to a nice meal or to the movies, we don’t have to worry about parking or the Arizona heat. And then [it has potential] for elders, like Amani’s great grandmother who doesn’t drive anymore because she turned in her license this past year. 

Amani: It would always help them if they didn’t have someone with them to always drive them around or take them places. It could be very helpful to people who need it.