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October 9, 2017

Let’s Talk Self-Driving Cars

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We’re joining forces with a diverse group of organizations to launch the world’s first public education campaign for fully self-driving cars.

“Is that a self-driving car?” “How does it know what to do?” “Are they safe?” “When can I ride in one myself?”

People who see our self-driving cars on the road often have a lot of questions. This is especially true now in the Greater Phoenix region of Arizona, where the sight of self-driving cars being tested on public roads is commonplace. Since we began our early rider program in April, local residents have been using our self-driving vehicles, with a test driver on board, to commute to work, go grocery shopping, and take their kids to soccer practice.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to self-driving cars. As with any new technology, there’s great enthusiasm and curiosity about self-driving cars — and there’s some confusion, too.

That’s why we’re joining forces with a diverse group of organizations — Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Safety Council, the Foundation for Blind Children, the East Valley Partnership, and the Foundation for Senior Living — to launch the world’s first public education campaign for fully self-driving cars. We’ve designed the Let’s Talk Self-Driving campaign to increase education and understanding about how this new technology can help address some of the biggest safety challenges on our roads today.

Education begins with awareness, so we’re starting this campaign with a series of digital, outdoor, and radio advertising in Arizona. In addition, the Let’s Talk Self-Driving” website will be updated with additional resources about self-driving technology. Our hope is to grow this conversation into a national dialogue and provide opportunities for people to learn about, and get up close to, this technology

Together, we all share excitement at the potential for self-driving cars to one day open doors to safer and easier transportation for millions of people. When 94% of road crashes today involve human error, self-driving cars promise a future where anyone can ride with a driver that never gets drunk, tired, or distracted.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

National Safety Council

Foundation for Blind Children

Foundation for Senior Living

East Valley Partnership

You could join too

We’re calling on others to join us and share your own reasons for how this technology could change your life or the lives of loved ones. You can learn more by visiting