Safety is our foundation

The safety and well-being of our riders, employees, partners, and the community is our top priority.

Community support

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we are working closely with external organizations to provide support to the local communities we live, work, and operate in.

Local organizations

We’ve proudly donated to local organizations including the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund, Give2SF, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. We’ve also increased our employee donation matching given these unprecedented times.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) for local hospitals

Our hardware and supply chain teams have helped source, manufacture, donate, and distribute thousands of items of PPE -- including masks, face shields, and other supplies -- to hospitals in need.

Collaboration with Stanford University & the University of Utah

Leaning on their experience building safety-critical systems, Waymo engineers and program managers are supporting these institutions in their efforts to develop less-invasive, lower cost ventilators for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

United in our mission

Foundation for Senior Living President & CEO, Tom, FSL member Santos, and FSL employee Mollie
Foundation for Senior Living President & CEO, Tom, FSL member Santos, and FSL employee Mollie

We stand behind our Let's Talk Self-Driving partners in our joint goal of improving mobility for everyone.

Foundation for Senior Living

We are supporting FSL in covering the cost of food supplies and transportation to ensure home-bound seniors have the meals they need. Please consider donating here.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Learn how MADD is working on new ways to educate the public on road safety, digitally. We are supporting them in these efforts with online educational resources.

Foundation for Blind Children

Hear from Mark Ashton, CEO of the Foundation for Blind Children, on how our current circumstances remind us of the everyday challenges for those who are visually impaired.

Waymo One rider service currently suspended

In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, our Waymo One rider service in Arizona is suspended for the time being, including our service with trained drivers and our fully driverless service within the early rider program.

While our service is suspended, Arizonans may see some Waymo vehicles on the road as part of our tiered approach to resume our operations safely, beginning with our test fleet and responsibly progressing to serve Waymo One riders again. We are gradually resuming truck testing in Arizona as well.

San Francisco and Bay Area residents may also see some Waymo vehicles on the road, as our fleet is providing charitable delivery support to community partners, whilst continuing to advance our technology via public road testing.

This all comes after careful consideration and active conversations with our teams, partners, and local and state authorities. The health and safety of our riders, team, and partners are our number one priority. Following guidance from the CDC, state, and local authorities, we’ve taken several steps to ensure our team’s well-being as we begin to resume operations, including:

Redesigned how we work and move in our facilities

We’ve redefined how we work and move around in our facilities to respect social distancing guidelines, including spacing out our work areas to abide by the recommended six feet of social distancing, redefining use of common areas, and limiting maximum capacity for our spaces.

New personal health & safety training

We’ve created trainings for our team around new safety standards and expectations, how we’ll work and move around in our facilities, as well as steps to ensure their health and safety, and that of their teammates. Our team will wear face masks in Waymo facilities and vehicles (unless a person is driving alone in the vehicle).

Increased cleaning and disinfection

We’ve deep cleaned our facilities and, in partnership with AutoNation, are conducting multiple daily cleanings of our vehicles.

Health screening

We’re working with an occupational healthcare provider to screen all individuals before they enter our facilities.

Driving our technology forward through simulation

As our on-the-road operations ramp back up, we continue to drive our technology forward with our work in simulation. In simulation, we can keep learning from each of our 20 million autonomous miles on public roads, prepare for rare edge cases, explore new ideas, validate and test new software, and continue improving our rider experience.

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