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Safety matters

The health and safety of our riders, autonomous specialists, partners, and teams is our number one priority.

Waymo One rider services in Phoenix and San Francisco

We've taken multiple steps to ensure the safety of our Waymo One riders and Trusted Testers in Phoenix and San Francisco through COVID-19.

The ride experience

Our ability to look after nearly every facet of the ride experience helps us provide extra care during this time. We continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the entire Waymo One experience—the app, the vehicle, the ride itself, and our Rider Support services—lives up to our riders’ expectations. With this goal in mind, we’ve thoughtfully implemented enhanced protocols to prioritize the health and safety of our riders, including:

Screening those who maintain our fleet

Anyone who enters our facilities first undergoes screening for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure.

Frequent vehicle cleaning

Our vehicles are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day, and every vehicle is equipped with hand sanitizer so riders have the ability to disinfect their hands.

Cabin air flush

Our vehicle’s HVAC system automatically refreshes the cabin air on a regular basis.

Remote vehicle inspections between each ride

As always, our Rider Support team checks vehicles after every ride to make sure they are meeting our high standard of cleanliness. If we have a reason to suspect otherwise, the vehicle returns to our facilities immediately for a full cleaning and disinfection.

Our ask to the Waymo rider community

Together, we can all do our part to protect the entire Waymo community. If you ride with us, here’s what to do to keep our service safe for everyone:

If you are sick, please stay home

If you have COVID-19, are experiencing possible symptoms, or you’ve been in contact in the last 10 days with someone known or suspected to have COVID-19, please do not ride.

Keep your hands clean and minimize surface contact

Hand sanitizer is provided in every vehicle. When starting your ride or contacting Rider Support, you can use the app on your phone rather than the passenger screen or Help button in the vehicle.

Keep the air flowing

We encourage you to roll the windows down slightly during your ride for added ventilation.

Keep us informed

Contact us if you test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of riding with us, are diagnosed with COVID-19, or start to experience COVID-19 symptoms.

Previous COVID-19 updates

Friday, September 4, 2020

Providing COVID-19 testing to our team in partnership with Verily

The health and safety of our team is our top priority as we continue to navigate the global pandemic and gradually resume our driving operations. That’s why we’ve partnered with Verily, an Alphabet company focused on healthcare and life sciences, to provide integrated COVID-19 testing, symptom and exposure screening, and data analytics for our front-line team members and partners.

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Resuming our driving operations in Phoenix

Back in March, we decided to suspend our driving operations in response to COVID-19 to ensure the safety of everyone involved in our services and local communities. Starting this coming Monday, May 11, Arizonans will begin to see some Waymo vehicles back on the road. The first part of our tiered approach to safely resume our operations begins with our test fleet and responsibly progresses to serving Waymo One riders again.

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Helping from home: Waymo’s response to COVID-19

Our top priority will always be the safety of our team, riders, partners, and of course, the communities in which we drive. As the world navigates COVID-19, it’s been inspiring to see people come together - from a distance - to keep each other safe. At the forefront of this effort are the brave heroes in our hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential businesses, helping our neighbors most in need.

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