En el camino
When it comes to driving, experience is the best teacher.
We’ve put our technology through the world’s longest and toughest ongoing driving test. Each day, our vehicles can be found test driving on closed courses, on public roads, and in simulation.
Millones de kilómetros recorridos
Since 2009, our fleet has self-driven more than 5 million miles, mostly on city streets. That would take the average American driver nearly 300 years to complete. This builds on 2.7 billion miles we drove in simulation in 2017 alone.
Varias ubicaciones de prueba
By driving every day in different types of real-world conditions, we teach our cars to navigate safely and comfortably through all sorts of situations.
Programa de pasajero de la etapa inicial
Actualmente, estamos perfeccionando la experiencia del auto sin conductor para nuestros pasajeros. Lanzamos una prueba pública de nuestros vehículos en Phoenix, Arizona, donde nuestros pasajeros de la etapa inicial pueden ayudarnos a definir el funcionamiento de los autos sin conductor de Waymo en el futuro.
Looking ahead
With Waymo in the driver’s seat, we can begin to reimagine many different types of transportation, from ride-hailing and logistics, to public transport and personal vehicles. We're launching a driverless ride-hailing service, and we're also bringing our experience to testing self-driving trucks.

When fully self-driving vehicles become part of people’s everyday routine, we can move closer to our goal of making transportation safe and easy for everyone.