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Moving goods

From trucking to last mile delivery, Waymo Via has you covered

Whether it’s Europe, China, or here in the United States, most goods that we use and rely on everyday get to their destination by truck. Around 70 percent of all freight moved in the United States travels by truck, making it the leading freight transportation mode. Add in smaller local deliveries to and from retail storefronts, and even your front door, and you can see why transportation logistics isn’t just about moving things from point A to B. It’s about keeping the world’s economic engine running.

The Waymo Driver:
A trusted autonomous trucking solution

Unmatched autonomous driving experience

With over a decade of deep autonomous driving experience including millions of miles on public roads and billions of miles in simulation, the Waymo Driver is The World's Most Experienced DriverTM. It's already seen some of the toughest driving scenarios, which will help it make better decisions, no matter the vehicle.

Tackling the unique challenges of truck driving

We’ve taken this expertise and extended it for the unique challenges that large Class 8 trucks experience, like safe turning, braking, lane changes and more. This includes implementing a robust set of cameras, lidar, and radar specifically configured to the challenges of truck driving.

Safety at the forefront

Safety is at the heart of our product development and decision-making. Implementing a comprehensive and responsible approach, our goal is to deliver an autonomous trucking solution that makes our roads safer than ever before, reducing both injuries and fatalities.

Taking the Waymo Driver even further

We’re applying our 10+ years of autonomous driving experience to tackle the unique challenges of trucking:

Increased perception

The Waymo Driver sees and recognizes what's happening on the road ahead.

Advanced planning

Our deep understanding of the world is what helps us confidently handle every day planning as well as manage rare and unusual situations.

Dynamic motion controls

This enables the Waymo Driver to manage the complex tasks of accelerating, braking, and handling the wide turning radius of commercial trucks.
Waymo Via truck driving on freeway
Waymo Via truck driving on freeway

Moving the industry forward

Greater efficiency

The Waymo Driver aims to provide continuous uninterrupted driving along with flexible scheduling and routing, so you can maximize asset utilization and delivery speed while optimizing your network.

Reliable performance

The Waymo Driver pays attention to the roads without ever getting tired or distracted. This dramatically reduces disruptions, so goods arrive safely, securely and on-time.

Reduced costs

With a more reliable and efficient fleet operated by the Waymo Driver, companies can lower operating costs and insulate their business against industry headwinds.

Connecting long-haul trucking to last mile local delivery

Scalable operations

Our vision is to meet the dynamic needs of your last mile fleet operations with our scalable autonomous driving solution.
Waymo Via delivery

Focus on value add

With the Waymo Driver in charge of getting your goods where they need to go, your time and energy will be freed to focus on creating meaningful customer experiences.