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Waymo Open Dataset

Motion Prediction


Given agents' tracks for the past 1 second on a corresponding map, predict the positions of up to 8 agents for 8 seconds into the future. To enable the motion prediction challenge, the ground truth future data for the test set is hidden from challenge participants. As such, the test sets contain only 1 second of history data. The validation sets contain the ground truth future data for use in model development. In addition, the test and validation sets provide a list of up to 8 object tracks in the scene to be predicted. These are selected to include interesting behavior and a balance of object types.


This leaderboard only displays submissions made on or after March 15, 2023, when the 2023 Waymo Open Dataset Challenges start.

With the latest v1.2.0 of the Motion Dataset, Lidar data is now available for the 1s history data.

To view a ranked leaderboard for the 2023 Motion Prediction Challenge, with Soft mAP as the ranking metric, please select "Show results with Soft mAP only" under the "Soft mAP" column. To view a ranked leaderboard with mAP as the ranking metric, please select "Show all" under the "Soft mAP" column, and click on the "mAP" column to sort. Submissions before March 9, 2022 will not have a Soft mAP score.

Note: the rankings displayed on this leaderboard may not accurately reflect the final rankings for this Challenge.