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  • Animation showing expansion of Waymo's Metro Phoenix map; test reads: "Metro Phoenix: The largest autonomous ride-hail territory in the US is now even larger."

    Largest Autonomous Ride-Hail Territory in US Now Even Larger

    The Waymo Team

    Starting today, Waymo One riders can now access an additional 90 square miles of Metro Phoenix, making the largest autonomous ride-hail territory in the United States even larger. Riders can enjoy the benefits of autonomy across a whopping 315 square miles of The Valley, with this expanded service area stretching further into North Phoenix, as far as Desert Ridge with its popular retail and music scene.

  • Ayesha Curry Waymo

    Why I Ride with Waymo: Ayesha Curry

    The Waymo Team

    Ayesha Curry wears many hats — entrepreneur, actress, television host, author, mother. In her own words “I have a life, businesses, and a family that I love; the only thing I need more of is time! Waymo helps me make more of my minutes so I can focus on the things that really matter.” Hear more from Ayesha about her riding experience with Waymo and how it helps her be more productive.

  • The Waymo Driver autonomously navigating SF, PHX, and LA without the help of fleet response.

    Fleet response: Lending a helpful hand to Waymo’s autonomously driven vehicles

    The Waymo Team

    The Waymo Driver autonomously navigates tens of thousands of rider-only miles across San Francisco, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Austin daily. It can navigate common scenarios, like adhering to a crossing guard directing traffic, as well as more unique interactions like avoiding a swerving vehicle. As the Waymo Driver travels across town, it might contact fleet response for additional help.

  • Waymo Open Dataset Challenges

    Announcing the 2024 Waymo Open Dataset Challenges

    Drago Anguelov, Head of Research, Waymo

    Our progress on the road is in many ways enabled by the same type of data we make available for research to the scientific community via the Waymo Open Dataset, one of the largest and most diverse autonomous driving datasets ever released. Today we’re excited to announce the start of our 2024 Waymo Open Dataset Challenges, which will run through May 2024.

  • Animation showing Waymo One map in Los Angeles, CA

    Scaling Waymo One safely across four cities this year

    The Waymo Team

    Later this year, Waymo One will be offering rides to the public in four major cities. Starting tomorrow, March 14, our fully autonomous ride-hailing service will be available to select members of the public in Los Angeles. And after starting initial rider-only testing in Austin last week, we plan to offer Waymo One to Austinites later this year.