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Ride with Waymo One - our autonomous ride-hailing service.

Showing information for Phoenix, AZ

Now serving riders in Metro Phoenix

Waymo One™ is our ride-hailing service that’s offering fully autonomous rides in Downtown Phoenix and the East Valley. You can take a trip anytime you’re there — just open the Waymo One app and hail a car.

Now serving riders in San Francisco

Download the Waymo One app to join our waitlist and be one of the first to take a fully autonomous ride in the City by the Bay.

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Why they ride with Waymo

I have my own car, a bicycle, and an electric scooter, so I get around in a lot of different ways, but if I could choose, I’d always pick a Waymo ride.

John, San Francisco

I really like how smooth and intuitive the interface is both in the app and in the car, and I use the music feature the majority of rides.

Candace, San Francisco

I like being able to relax, not worry about having a stressful commute, and not having to question the driver's decision making abilities.

Sophia, Metro Phoenix

An experience second to none

Free from the stresses of driving

Waymo One offers a quiet space so you can get things done uninterrupted and make the most of your time. Catch up on a book, watch a quick show, or get some work done on the way to the office. It’s your own personal space that lets you focus on more meaningful things.
Waymo One riders

Add stops to your trip and get things done

Run errands like you would in your own car by adding up to five different stops all in one trip. Pick some things up at the grocery store and grab a quick latte along the way, or book a simple round trip to drop off your dry cleaning.


Never tired. Never distracted.TM

Feel safe and secure no matter what time of day you travel. With Waymo One, our vision is to have no human driver in the front seat, which you can experience first hand in Metro Phoenix. With the push of a button, a Rider Support agent will be there for you anytime you have a question or need assistance.
Waymo One rider exiting the vehicle
Waymo One vehicle

Easily identify your car

Now it’s easier to know which Waymo car is for you. Just choose two unique letters when you use the Waymo One app and they’ll appear on the front of your car when it arrives (Phoenix only).
Waymo One app

Consistent and familiar

Our cars have plenty of room to relax and are meticulously cleaned and maintained on a daily basis, so you know exactly what kind of experience you're getting each time.
  • Waymo One vehicles
  • Waymo One vehicles

Listen to your music, podcasts, and more

Rock out to your favorites tunes, catch up on a podcast you missed, or relax with a good audiobook. Our new music experience lets you play content from popular apps* like YouTube Music, TuneIn and NPR directly from your phone to our car’s speaker system.
How it works

A better way to get there

Start with the Waymo One app.

If you’re in the East Valley or Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, download the app and ride right away. For our neighbors in San Francisco, download the app to join our waitlist and be one of the first.
Waymo One app

Our experienced Driver will pick you up.

Get there safely with a Driver that sees in all directions and never takes its eyes off the road.
  • Waymo One vehicle
  • Waymo One vehicle

Be DrivenTM

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride.
Rider inside Waymo One

Rides made simple.