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November 11, 2019

Mission critical

  • Life at Waymo
Lynn Kang in their Navy uniform receiving a pin.
Lynn Kang in their Navy uniform receiving a pin.

Today is Veterans Day in the U.S., a day to recognize those who have served in the U.S. armed forces. At Waymo, we’re proud to have veterans from all of our armed services as members of our team. Each veteran brings a wealth of experience. In particular, during their time in the military, our veterans collaborate with diverse teams to accomplish missions. Collaboration, mission, and respect are also central to Waymo’s culture, and how we operate as a company.

For many veterans, returning to civilian life can mean a loss of a sense of shared purpose, mission, and camaraderie; but being at a mission-driven company like Waymo means we can continue to live those values in another setting. In fact, we’ve found many similarities between our duties in the armed services and our roles at Waymo, such as the mission-critical urgency and equal emphasis on safety.

To continue to foster our community and values as private citizens, a number of U.S. military veterans at our company have come together to create an employee resource group, Veterans @ Waymo. Our group is open to people who have served in any armed forces, those who have a family member serving, or colleagues who simply want to show their support for vets as an ally. 

A photo of David Tressler in his army uniform

Vets @ Waymo supports inclusiveness by providing a community of support for veterans and opportunities for them to share that experience with the rest of the Waymo team. We’re also committed to finding ways to give back to our community, particularly the places where we drive. One way we’re doing this is by sponsoring Honor Flights from the Bay Area. The Honor Flight Network provides U.S. veterans a chance to visit memorials in Washington D.C., or Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, offering them an opportunity for remembrance, and maybe some needed healing. For many, the trip will be the first (and only) time to visit these memorials.

We would love to see more qualified veterans join us at Waymo, so if you are looking for your next mission, visit our careers page to find out how you can join our team.