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December 28, 2021

Expanding our Waymo One fleet with Geely’s all-electric vehicle designed for riders first

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Geely vehicle in front of Golden Gate Bridge
Geely vehicle in front of Golden Gate Bridge

Over a decade into our journey building the World’s Most Experienced Driver, we’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading automakers to deploy our fully autonomous technology as we help people and things get where they’re going. So, we’re pleased to announce our latest OEM collaboration with Geely, a top global auto manufacturer. Waymo will integrate our Waymo Driver into a version of the new mobility-focused, all-electric Zeekr vehicle, designed in Sweden specially for autonomous ride-hailing. We’re committed to expanding access to sustainable transportation, and deploying these fully autonomous, electric ride-hailing vehicles in the U.S. is an important step as we electrify our Waymo One fleet.

Over years to come, we’ll integrate our Waymo Driver into the transportation-as-a-service (TaaS)-optimized Zeekr vehicle designed to prioritize the comfort, convenience, and preferences of Waymo One riders. This rider-first vehicle features a flat floor for more accessible entry, easy ingress and egress thanks to a B-pillarless design, low step-in height, generous head and legroom, and fully adjustable seats. While ensuring a level of safety consistent with U.S. federal vehicle standards - our Waymo One riders will one day experience an interior without steering wheel and pedals, and with plenty of headroom, leg room and reclining seats, screens and chargers within arm’s reach, and an easy to configure and comfortable vehicle cabin.

Geely vehicle interior

We’ll begin to introduce these all electric, rider-first, fully autonomous vehicles on U.S. roads within our Waymo One fleet in the years to come.