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May 31, 2022

Why I Ride with Waymo: Ralph

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Ralph, Waymo One Rider
Ralph, Waymo One Rider

Editor’s note: Dubbed a “Waymo fan boy” by his family, Ralph uses Waymo One to go work from his local coffee shop daily in Metro Phoenix. He appreciates the convenience of the service and how easy it is for him to get around without his own car. Read on to hear more about how Ralph got involved with Waymo years ago and what it’s like riding today.

Hey there, Ralph. It’s nice to connect! Can you start off by sharing how you first got involved with Waymo One?

Well, I live in Chandler right in the middle of the Waymo One territory, so I’ve seen the cars around, but I first got involved during my time writing for the East Valley Tribune. I worked with Waymo to run a little brief about the initial early rider program back in 2017 to tell people they could sign up, so I signed up myself because I was interested in the technology (and have been since).

That’s a unique story! How are you using the service these days?

My kids are all grown up and out of the house, so it’s just my wife and me at home. We only have one car, and she usually takes that to work while I work from home. I’ve been working at home for most of COVID, but a few months ago I realized I should take advantage of Waymo and get out of the house more often. So now, I use Waymo One about 4-5 times a week to go work from my local coffee shop, SoZo Coffeehouse. It’s super close and convenient, and Waymo makes it easy to call a ride. It’s also always cool that it’s being driven fully autonomously.

Alright, let’s do a few quick hits. Had you used other ride-hailing services before Waymo One?

No, Waymo One was my first time doing any ride-hailing, but I’ve since used other services in cities where it’s not available yet, like when I visit my daughter on the West Coast.

Favorite aspect of the service?

I appreciate the convenience and that it’s always available in my neighborhood. There have only been a couple times I’ve ever called and it’s been too busy.

Anything you’d like to see change with the service or feedback you have?

I know you guys are expanding into Downtown Phoenix, but I would love to see the territory expand even more in my area too.

Overall, I leave a lot of feedback; if I have something to say, I will say it. I want it to be better and successful because I think if something like Waymo frees people from their cars even a little more, it’s a great thing.

We do too. Thanks for chatting with us today, Ralph.