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June 14, 2023

Waymo at CVPR 2023: At the cutting-edge of autonomous driving research

  • Technology
Waymo vehicle on trajectory line

We’re excited to announce Waymo’s participation in the 50th Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), where we will present our latest work in autonomous driving research.

At this year’s CVPR, our team will present five papers that advance the state of the art in computer vision. We will host and participate in several workshop sessions, including the full-day Workshop on Autonomous Driving where we will share the results of our 4th annual Waymo Open Dataset Challenges.

Over the years, the Waymo Open Dataset Challenges have attracted researchers from all over the world, pushing the boundaries of autonomous driving research. This year’s edition received an overwhelming response with over 700 valid submissions from more than 10 countries. Among these, several top entries introduced state-of-the-art models that set new benchmarks in multiple Challenges. Our team was impressed with the high quality of the submissions and was excited to see the creativity and variety of approaches contributed by the research community. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we can’t wait to announce the winners in a couple of days!

Meet Waymo Team at CVPR

If you’re attending CVPR this year, either in-person or virtually, please stop by Waymo’s booth #1217 at the CVPR Expo and join us for the following sessions to meet our team:

Sunday, June 18th:

  • At the End-to-End Autonomous Driving Workshop, Waymo’s Research Scientist Pei Sun will give a talk about scaling 3D detection towards end-to-end driving.

  • Waymo is co-organizing the Workshop on Autonomous Driving, a full-day workshop to discuss the latest advancements in the field. During the workshop, our Head of Perception, Chen Wu, will discuss Waymo’s progress towards scalable deployment of autonomous driving. The Waymo Research team will then announce the winners for the 2023 Waymo Open Dataset Challenges, followed by presentations from the selected participant teams. We will also preview what we have in store for the next update of the Waymo Open Dataset, including exciting additions opening new generative AI research opportunities.

  • At the Synthetic Data for Autonomous Systems (SDAS) workshop, our Software Engineer Junhua Mao will present Waymo’s work on large-scale data synthesis with parameterized human 3D models.

Monday, June 19th:

  • At the 3DMV workshop, Charles Qi from the Research team will present Waymo’s work on 3D perception from multi-view and multi-modality data.

  • At the Vision-Centric Autonomous Driving Workshop, our Senior Research Scientist Xinchen Yan will share findings from Waymo’s new research paper on the topic of generative assets, “GINA-3D: Learning to Generate Implicit Neural Assets in the Wild.”

  • At the Multiagent Behavior Workshop, Rami al-Rfou, Research Scientist at Waymo, will present an overview of the work our research team does to develop and deploy efficient and scalable behavior models.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver at CVPR 2023!