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August 9, 2023

Making green transportation accessible to all

  • Waymo One
A Waymo Jaguar I-PACE charges at a charging station.

We all make choices every day that affect the climate, but one of the biggest is how we get around. As a zero-emission ride-hailing service, Waymo One can make that decision easy.

In California, transportation accounts for about half the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, when you include fuel production. Cities across the country have set ambitious targets to electrify transportation and slash emissions. San Francisco is targeting net zero greenhouse gas emissions citywide by 2040 — one of the most ambitious climate goals in the country. Austin wants 40% of vehicle miles traveled to be electric by 2030. Major U.S. cities are aligned that clean transportation and shared mobility are critical to meeting our climate goals.

Shared mobility is a team sport. Waymo encourages people to walk, bike, take public transit and when they need a car – have easy access to an electric vehicle. But many of us lack the sustainable transportation options that meet our needs. Electric car ownership is out of many people’s price range, and charging infrastructure isn’t as widely available or reliable as it needs to be.

Waymo One makes all-electric, fully autonomous rides available at the touch of a button. That has many advantages for how our riders get around:

  • Cities where we operate gain another zero-emission transportation option, which could help them meet their climate goals and support shared mobility in cities.

  • Hailable rides make it easier for the many people that don’t own electric vehicles to travel emissions free.

  • With the average privately-owned vehicle parked 95% of the time, hailable EVs deliver far more emission-free miles per vehicle than personal cars.

  • Shared mobility can help close the last-mile gap, connecting more people to public transit and help reduce congestion. In Phoenix, for example, Waymo vehicles are already connecting more people to the city’s airport mass transit system.

  • By improving road safety, Waymo can encourage more people to walk or bike where they need to go with confidence. With bicycle and pedestrian deaths increasing nationwide, there’s never been a more important time to improve safety for all road users.

Waymo One consists entirely of all-electric Jaguar I-PACE vehicles, providing a consistent zero-emission experience. We’ve also invested in and operate our own charging infrastructure, which means we can manage our electricity supply and power our fleet with 100% renewable energy. We purchased more than 6,200 megawatt hours of solar and wind energy in 2022. Our fully autonomous zero-emission service aligns with ambitious national electrification goals, which is why we were proud to join the White House’s EV Acceleration Challenge earlier this year.

Just as creating shared mobility options is a team sport, addressing the climate crisis through electrified mobility will take all of us. The more climate-conscious options available to consumers across public and private transportation, the more likely consumers will be to utilize clean transportation altogether. We’re excited to offer a zero-emission, fully autonomous service for all people looking to get around town safely, efficiently and sustainably.