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Redefine how you move around San Francisco

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Meet Waymo One. 
Designed with SF at heart.

From Lands End to Bernal Heights, Waymo One is your new favorite way to get around. With tens of millions of miles driven, we’re proud to provide a safe transportation option in the city we call home. Download the Waymo One app and enjoy your next ride in an all-electric Jaguar I-PACE, with no human behind the steering wheel.

Waymo One app on smart phone

How it works

Where you can go

Waymo One currently operates 24/7 across all of San Francisco. From Lands End to Bernal Heights, let Waymo One take the wheel.

SF Territory Map covering all of San Francisco
SF Territory Map covering all of San Francisco
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The fact that Waymo provides convenience, prioritizes safety, and is committed to sustainability makes it by far my favorite mode of transportation.
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Learn why Eva chooses Waymo One

Person approaching Waymo vehicle with duffel bag
Waymo surrounded by dot pattern to visualize lidar dot map

The Waymo Driver is our autonomous driving technology with unmatched experience and safety at heart

  • 20 Million Miles

    The Waymo Driver has over 20 million miles of real-world driving experience through countless situations - the equivalent of driving to the Moon and back 40 times.

  • Safety First

    We follow a rigorous safety framework that combines multiple methods that help verify and validate our safety readiness and meet applicable laws and regulations.

  • Tens of thousands of riders

    We’ve tested for over a decade in more than ten states, and today we are safely operating a fully autonomous, publicly available ride-hailing service in Phoenix, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Thank you to our community partners

Learn more about how Waymo partners with the communities where we operate

  • Self Help for the Elderly Logo

    We’re happy to help seniors gain mobility and independence in partnership with Self Help for the Elderly

  • SF LGBT Partner loading groceries into a Waymo
    SF LGBT Logo

    In partnership with the San Francisco LGBT Center, we deliver essentials and provide safe rides to LGBTQIA+ community members

  • SF community members from the ARC
    ARC logo

    We’re proud to partner with The Arc to provide consistent, reliable transportation for people living with disabilities

  • Light House for the Blind partner in front of Waymo vehicle
    Light House for the Blind logo

    As a partner of LightHouse, we share the belief that independence, skills, and technology form the foundation of success for people who are blind or have low vision

  • Group photo of Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California
    Epilepsy Foundation Northern CA logo

    We offer safe, consistent and reliable transportation for people living with epilepsy


  • Hands holding smart phone
    Hands holding smart phone

    How do I sign up to ride in SF?

    Anyone in San Francisco can take a ride today. Simply download the Waymo One app to use our autonomous ride-hailing service today!

  • Golden Gate Bridge
    Golden Gate Bridge

    Where do you operate locally?

    Riders can travel with us throughout all of San Francisco. We’re also testing in parts of the Peninsula.

  • Waymo vehicle sensors
    Waymo vehicle sensors

    Is it safe to be near 
the lidar sensors on your vehicle?

    Yes, the light is not hazardous. The low level of emissions falls under Class 1 limits and is essentially in the same category as lasers used in household appliances such as CD and DVD players.

  • Waymo vehicle charging
    Waymo vehicle charging

    What is the climate impact of your vehicles?

    We use the fully-electric Jaguar I-PACE in San Francisco, and the chargers that we use are powered with 100% renewable energy. We are also an authorized partner of the SFPUC’s CleanPowerSF program.

  • Waymo vehicle from above
    Waymo vehicle from above

    What safety 
measures do you employ?

    We follow a rigorous safety framework that combines multiple methods that help verify and validate our safety readiness and meet applicable laws and regulations.

  • Cyclist

    How do your cars know how to share the road with cyclists?

    Many of us are cyclists ourselves, and our personal experiences on the road help shape our engineering and product decisions. We also work with local bicycle coalitions to make sure our testing and validation procedures account for a diverse range of scenarios. Our vehicles are equipped with a combination of sensors designed to see 360 degrees around the vehicle, day and night, and our vision system can identify details like pedestrians and stop signs up to 500 meters away. Vehicles driven by the Waymo Driver all share the same behavior — safe, courteous, reliable — which removes a lot of the uncertainty for those around them. Making sure all road users feel safe is a top priority for us.

  • Lock

    Can the cars be hacked?

    Protection against hacking is a key priority, which is why we have multiple layers of security designed to prevent unauthorized sources from accessing our autonomous driving system. Steering, braking, and controllers are isolated from outside communication. The onboard computer that maintains responsibility for the driving task at all times is shielded from wireless networks. When our vehicles communicate with our fleet response team, all cellular connections are encrypted. And we’re constantly evolving our technology to help ensure we have secure protections.

  • Waymo sensor pod on top of vehicle
    Waymo sensor pod on top of vehicle

    What do you do with the camera footage you collect?

    The cameras on the exterior of the vehicle are used to help the Waymo Driver see and improve its ability to safely navigate the road. Cameras within the vehicle are a way for us to make sure your ride goes smoothly. Among other things, we may use cameras to: make sure cars are clean, find lost items, provide help in case of emergency, check that in-car rules are being followed, and improve products and services.