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Our Trademarks

Below please find an illustrative, non-exhaustive list of trademarks, logos, designs, and other distinctive features owned by Waymo LLC ("Waymo Brand Features" or "Brand Features") along with general principles for using the Waymo Brand Features.  When using Waymo’s Brand Features for non-commercial or editorial purposes, please adhere to these general principles.  We consider the Waymo Brand Features valuable assets and adhering to these guidelines helps us protect and maintain the value and goodwill of our Brand Features.

If you intend to use the Waymo Brand Features for commercial purposes, please consult Waymo’s guidelines here (the “Guidelines for Commercial Use”).  If granted written permission to use Waymo’s Brand Features in a commercial context, you agree to do so only in accordance with our Guidelines For Commercial Use and our Terms and Conditions, and for the specific purposes for which Waymo has granted written permission.  Please understand that we reserve the right to turn down requests to use Waymo Brand Features for any reason.

Should you identify an individual or entity using Waymo’s Brand Features inappropriately, we would like to hear about it.  You can report any issues by clicking here.

General Principles for Using Waymo Brand Features


Always appropriately recognize our trademarks. Any use of a Waymo Brand Feature must be accompanied by a notice that clearly indicates that Waymo’s Brand Features are trademarks or distinctive brand features of Waymo LLC.

  • Within the United States: Include the appropriate ™ or ® symbol on the first use, and
  • Outside the United States: Use the appropriate trademark attribution notice instead of trademark symbols:
    • [Insert Trademark being used] is a trademark of Waymo LLC.

Always use the complete trademark as an adjective in all communications.

  • Incorrect: I rode in a Waymo today.
  • Correct: I rode in a Waymo car today.

Always distinguish our trademarks from the surrounding text by capitalizing the first letter, capitalizing or italicizing the entire trademark, or using different font.

  • Incorrect: The waymo autonomous driving technology is awesome.
  • Correct: The Waymo autonomous driving technology is awesome.

For our logos, please

  • Use a background color or image that does not hinder the visibility of the logo.
  • Have appropriate white space around the logo. For example, the amount of white space above and below our Waymo Logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “WAYMO,” and the space to the left and right of our logo should be equal to or greater than 2x the width of the “O” in “WAYMO)
  • Avoid altering the configuration of the logo. For example, do not change the colors, font, apply effects like blurring or gradient, or alter proportions or skew.


Never alter our trademarks, including through abbreviation to create acronyms, varying the spelling, adding or deleting hyphens, making two words one, or making one word two.

  • Incorrect: Way-mo sensors.
  • Correct: Waymo sensors.

Never make our trademarks possessive or plural.

  • Incorrect: Waymos are awesome.
  • Correct: Waymo vehicles are awesome.

Never use our trademarks as a noun or verb.

  • Incorrect: I’m going to Waymo home.
  • Correct: I’m going to ride a Waymo vehicle home.

Never combine our trademarks with your or any third-party names, trademarks, or logos.

  • Incorrect: Waymo MYBRAND vehicle.
  • Correct: MYBRAND vehicle running Waymo software.

Never use Waymo or any other Waymo trademark or Brand Feature, including graphics, symbols, logos, or icons to brand your product or service, claim interoperability where there is none, or use in a manner that suggests you are endorsed, sponsored, supported by, or otherwise affiliated with Waymo. You should disclaim any sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement by Waymo as appropriate.

Never use our trademarks in a derogatory, disparaging, false, illegal, infringing, or misleading manner.

Never make, sell, or distribute merchandise items, such as t-shirts, hats, and mugs, or products, product packaging, manuals, or promotional/advertising materials bearing any of Waymo’s Brand Features, except pursuant to an express written trademark license from Waymo or as otherwise authorized by Waymo.

Never imitate the distinctive visual appearance, look and feel, sound or smell of Waymo vehicles, products, colors, packaging, website design, user interfaces, logos, or typefaces.

Never use or imitate a Waymo slogan or tagline (e.g., “Most Experienced Driver”) without receiving prior approval.

If you find any improper use of a Waymo Brand Feature, please let us know about it by clicking here.

List of Waymo Brand Features

Below please find a non-exhaustive list of Waymo’s Brand Features. The absence of a product or service name, logo, or other Brand Feature from this list does not constitute a waiver of Waymo’s trademark or other intellectual property rights with regard to that Brand Feature.

Waymo’s Trademarks Generic Terms*
WAYMO™ autonomous vehicle technology, vehicle, sensors, software, and services
WAYMO DRIVER™ autonomous vehicle technology
WAYMO ONE™ ride-hailing service
WAYMO VIA™ delivery service, freight delivery service, goods delivery service
WAYMO OPEN™ dataset, autonomous driving dataset
MOST EXPERIENCED DRIVER™ autonomous vehicle technology, transportation services
WORLD'S MOST EXPERIENCED DRIVER™ autonomous vehicle technology, transportation services
SAME DRIVER, DIFFERENT VEHICLE.™ autonomous vehicle technology, transportation services
CLICK. TAP. RELAX.™ autonomous vehicle technology, transportation services
WAYMOBILE™ autonomous vehicle

*These generic terms are only suggestions, and there may be other words that are equally appropriate.

Waymo’s Logos

Illustrative, non-exhaustive images are provided below for reference.


Waymo’s Designs

Illustrative, non-exhaustive images are provided below for reference.

Firefly car design


Other Brand Features